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Website Design Services in Derby

Custom Design
Our custom designs produce bespoke websites uniquely created to your specification. While templates may seem to be a cheaper option, they appear generic and may not accurately capture your businesses image.
Website Hosting
Hosting is a vital part of the service which provides the space on the Internet which enables people to see your website online. We use a reliable hosting company with an unbeatable up-time of 99.9%. An extra layer of security is added by applying a lock function to the FTP (file transfer protocol) account – not all hosting companies provide this facility.
Social Media
Social media activity is an important online marketing tool for creating awareness of products and services and generating potential leads. We use social media to draw attention to all our customers’ websites by promoting with links to and from Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Google SEO
Search Engine Optimisation is the key to your website being discovered by search engines. Strategic implementation of relevant keywords is included. On-page with titles, headers and meta descriptions, and behind the scenes with keywords, phrases, page descriptions and back-links. Submission to Google is included in the price.
Responsive Design
Websites are designed in responsive format, which means they are mobile friendly and will automatically rearrange themselves according to screen size and device. Whether potential customers are viewing on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone, vital information will remain available and easy to read. Responsive websites are more favoured by Google, assisting with rankings.
Website Management
With some website companies, once the final version is uploaded to the Internet, it is then left there to become dated and even forgotten. This is why we operate pay monthly plans, and monitoring of performance and appearance is included in the price because it is important to ensure your website remains current.
News and Information
We issue newsletters with advising how to get the most from your website, tips and tricks for free online advertising, and information about special offers.
Leaflet and Banner Advertising
We can help with design for leaflet and banner advertising, and can produce leaflets to compliment your website. Contact us for more information.
Computer Services
Computer Services in Derby. Domestic and small business services, re-installs, data recovery, new builds, virus removal, networks and computer supplies.
Photography Services
Our senior designer is a member of the Derby Photographic Society and can produce high quality images for your website. All aspects of photography services supplied, please enquire.
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